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Another Kindly Ops Success Story:


Improving security and reducing costs while maintaining HIPAA compliance

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Who is PDA?

PDA Makes software for the recovery & empowerment of people diagnosed with mental illness. CommonGround is an award-winning product for shared decision making in psychiatric settings. In the US $32.5 billion a year is spent on the treatment of schizophrenia alone. Most medication management decisions in psychiatry involve medications with similar efficacy profiles but complex risk-benefit trade-offs. CommonGround helps people work through concerns before non-adherence becomes a problem.



HIPAA requires risk analysis & the AWS Shared Responsibility model requires customers to own configuration.

Kindly Ops followed the AWS Security Audit protocol to verify infrastructure was architected for HIPAA compliance.

PDA needed architecture guidance on removing single points of failure while remaining HIPAA compliant.

EC2 Instance Recovery, Managed NAT Gateway, and Auto Scaling Groups addressed single points of failure.

Tight control was needed around permissions.

Route 53 and AWS Shield reduced DDoS risks.

Network security was too expensive and DNS DDoS attacks had affected the customers.

CloudTrail alarms provided real time notifications of changes in user accounts and firewall settings.

The Benefits

Reduced Business Risk

Preventing downtime avoids patient care disruptions and enables meeting customer SLA commitments.

Improved Security

Alerting on critical configuration changes provides improved safeguards for sensitive patient data.

Reduced Costs

Using the best fit AWS services provided significant reduction in labor costs and service costs.

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What Now?!

Our dedicated, passionate engineers have deep industry experience. Whether providing strategic consulting or individual coaching and pair programming, we focus on knowledge sharing. Organizations using a DevOps model deliver applications quicker and innovate faster. AWS offers infrastructure resources designed to support continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, microservices, and monitoring and logging.

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