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Another Kindly Ops Success Story:


Improving security during rapid growth

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Who is Splice?

Splice is the Creative Hub for the Modern Musician. The Splice software products process and store proprietary intellectual property in order to enable musicians to do their best work. In addition to the standard business risk concerns about fraud, outages, and errors, a business that processes sensitive private data must cope with constant cyber security threats and prevent leaks that damage artist’s most precious assets.



Is customer data correctly secured?

Trusted Advisor, IAM Access Advisor, and IAM policy language were used to validate security configurations.

How can security & compliance practices be introduced without damaging the artistic and innovative spirit that drove company growth to this point?

Security Culture interviews identified existing values. AWS Guard Duty added safety without adding labor.

How does the existing configuration measure up to best practices?

Assessed infrastructure using the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark to identify gaps.

Can new features can be brought to market more quickly?

Introduced DevSecOps techniques for continuous delivery.

The Benefits

Reduced Business Risk

Preventing downtime avoids client disruptions and enables meeting customer SLA commitments.

Improved Security

Alerting on critical configuration changes provides improved safeguards for valuable client assets.

Reduced Costs

Using the best fit AWS services provided significant reduction in labor costs and service costs.

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What Now?!

Our dedicated, passionate engineers have deep industry experience. Whether providing strategic consulting or individual coaching and pair programming, we focus on knowledge sharing. Organizations using a DevOps model deliver applications quicker and innovate faster. AWS offers infrastructure resources designed to support continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, microservices, and monitoring and logging.

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