Genomics and Centralized Logging

Centralized logging is a key component for Bioinformatics teams, but this can be a challenge in a cloud based environment.

Teams often turn to NextFlow to help simplify their data pipelines. Our clients rely heavily on this tool. They also have a need for centralized logging. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure the tools they use also line up with compliancy goals.

Because NextFlow is open source, we were able to add support for Syslog rather than adding custom logging code to every pipeline. Sending data to a message logging tool like Syslog with NextFlow allows Bioinformatics teams to meet compliancy goals and also to visualize data pipelines.

Allowing this NextFlow output in Syslog to be sent to a service like SumoLogic makes centralized logging easier, with the added bonus of visualization, all while meeting the compliancy needs of the team.

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