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You’re in a regulated industry...

HIPAA, GDPR, FDA regulations all increase the complexity required in your IT infrastructure. Technical violations and platform breaches can result in fines and lost business. Regulatory enforcement actions are increasing and the myriad of service and product offerings from cloud service providers grows every quarter. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements could lead to being found negligent if evidence otherwise isn’t available. But it doesn’t have to be so bleak...

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Imagine a World

A world where you understand your risks...

You not only understand your risks, but also the relative cost and effort to mitigate them. You prioritize your budget appropriately, and make good business decisions that protect your reputation and your customers’ data. Questions about current risks are answered, paths forward are identified. This helps you to focus on growing your business. It aids you in not only developing products faster but delivering them as well. In this world you understand and mitigate risk, deliver new products and grow your business more efficiently.


Kindly Ops Security Assessment

An independent or third party security assessment by Kindly Ops AWS Certified engineers is a crucial component in leveraging the speed of cloud infrastructure and safely meeting regulatory requirements.

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Security Culture Diagnostic

Culture is essentially mental models. The mental model your organization used to get here may not get it where you need to go next.

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A process culture has tight control and internal focus. Commonly found in government agencies. 


Loose control, combined with an inward focus. Common in non-profit or mission-driven organizations. 


Compliance culture has tight control with an external focus. Typically this perspective thrives in healthcare organizations. 


Typically found in early stage startups, loose control and external focus. Very interested in customers, not much support or oversight from the organization. 

This 5 minute diagnostic survey will measure which mental models are most commonly used in your organization.

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Expert tips and techqniques related to IT risk management and leveraging cloud infrastructure for regulated environments.

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Don't just take our word for it

"We worked with Kindly Ops to perform a risk assessment and help us level up operations by implementing the recommendations. The report was accurate and immediately actionable. It's hard to believe how much we got done in 6 months. Our investors, company, and customers are all benefiting from our increased ability to rapidly scale and innovate while safeguarding the healthcare data we are entrusted with."

Jonathan Broad
CTO, Healthfinch

"We worked with Kindly Ops to review product architecture and help us comply with regulatory requirements. They were instrumental in helping us qualify to win grants and customer contracts. Working with Kindly Ops reduced both risk and stress. Highly recommended."

Abigail Ames
Cofounder and Director of Technology, Rockstep Solutions

"Kindly Ops has been a delight to work with. They are a team of passionate, dedicated DevOps engineers, and it shows. The team at Kindly Ops accelerated our schedule by months, and managed to give our team a new level of confidence in the tools and processes powering our infrastructure. The Kindly Ops team are amazing and have been a critical part of our team's success."

Dan Luria
Director of Engineering, Society of Grownups

We understand if you have some concerns

  • too expensive
    "this will cost us too much money"

    Hiring a senior level DevOps engineer to find these same issues would cost 10 times as much as an Kindly Ops assessment. The value of independent review includes broader perspective on regulatory hurdles and experience with which systems are most cost effective.

  • time consuming
    "it's not worth the time it will take"

    Compared to time to respond to enforcement actions and fines for violations and even possible time spent in court the assessment saves tremendous time. We are experts at bending technology to support people and often a more secure process ends up being most efficient for the business.

  • where do i start
    "it's hard to know where to get started"

    You’re the expert on your business and we are experts on compliant cloud infrastructure. We’ll guide you each step of the way, interview your team, and document it all in a report that includes prioritized and concrete next steps.

Our Mission

"We are on a mission to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance and make it easier and safer for companies to bring healthcare innovation to market. Kindly Ops specializes in bioinformatics in the cloud. We have a deep practical understanding of achieving HIPAA and FDA compliance for software teams performing work and research in the cloud. Our unique perspective helps us manage continuous security and cloud-native approaches. Our goal: Reduce the burden of meeting regulatory requirements and make innovation enjoyable again."


Elliot Murphy

We can't work with you if...

You are building a software product and have not yet completed a Series A funding round or reached $1M in customer revenue.

You are running in a traditional on-premises data center rather than AWS or Google Cloud.

You want someone to checkbox your existing strategy without questioning architecture or risk tradeoffs.

You don’t have executive support to spend 10% of your annual development budget on compliance and security to actually follow up on recommendations.

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We know there are new AWS services released every year with revised guidance. There are new attacks happening all the time. Ignoring a misconfiguration could destroy your business. By acting now you may discover attacks that are already in progress or reveal gaps that leave you vulnerable. Strengthen your security posture and increase compliance evidence to get credit for the work you are already doing. Save money by getting an assessment instead of a fine.