Monitor & Alert

If your web application goes offline could your customers know about it before you do? With continuous monitoring and alerting, we help you detect and respond to problems before your customers are affected.

Audit & Test

Do you worry about how long it would take you to recover from a security breach, server failure, or other unplanned outage? We love removing Single Points of Failure and reducing Time To Recovery.

Protect Your Investment

70% of firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. HIPAA, PCI, and FTC regulations carry hefty fines and jail time if negligence is found. Need help securing your cloud?

Ready for help managing your cloud infrastructure? We specialize in HIPAA & FDA compliance for healthcare & life sciences.
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We Worry So You Don't Have To

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Now you don't have to dedicate one or more full time employees in order to do regular maintenance and monitoring of your crucial cloud systems. Kindly Ops professionals will make sure your custom applications are tested regularly to guarantee flawless backups and the latest security patches. We continuously monitor your applications uptime and immediately notify you of any interruption in service. Every member of our team goes through background checks and receives regular training. We pride ourselves in being polite, rigorous, and transparent. All of this combined with monthly reports and documentation mean you can focus on growing your business instead of doing maintenance.

Don't Wait Until a Disaster Happens

What's Next?

Every projects starts with a fixed-price infrastructure assessment. Before that we'll do a free consultation to ensure we know how to handle your application. Together we will figure out the biggest risks and create a prioritized list to tackle right away.

If our services aren't a good fit, don't worry! We won't try to upsell you, and we will give you our best advice on how to most effectively safeguard your business - at no charge.

Managing Your Cloud Services

  • Amazon Web

    Amazon Consulting Partner

    From virtual private clouds to autoscaling groups and multiple geographic zones, we have years of experience operating HIPAA compliant infrastructure in AWS. Let us help you refine, secure, and optimize your deployment.

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Lightning fast networks, pervasive encryption, fabulous Docker orchestration, and 1-click deploys, Google Cloud is flexible and powerful. With multiple deployments in Google Cloud under our belts, we can make sure you are getting the best.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

    From Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Mobile Services, Microsoft's cloud capabilities are impressive. We've helped clients meet strict medical research regulations and comprehensive audit trails on Azure, and can do the same for you.

Remove Risk, Accelerate Innovation

  • Database Backups & Testing

    There are dozens of ways backups can fail (ask how we know that). We can be a trusted 3rd party to verify your backups and restore procedures so your board, investors, and customers can be confident in your disaster recovery plan. We can also set up cross-cloud backup escrow for full blown disaster recovery.

  • Security Patches & Monitoring

    Thousands of security patches are released each year, and many major data breaches would have been prevented by keeping systems up to date. We set up and manage best in class security monitoring systems so that your team can focus on creative work.

  • Automation, PaaS, CI/CD Pipeline

    We'll set up a testing, integration, and delivery pipeline that is a joy to use and allows teams to get features into the hands of customers faster and safer. Kubernetes on CoreOS, or Marathon/Singularity on MESOS, we can give you powerful features like canary deploys, instant test environments, and ChatOps all running securely in your Virtual Private Cloud.

How have we helped others?

Society of Grownups

See how we helped this financial services company to decrease risk and increase confidence by building a financial literacy platform on AWS.

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Check out how we improved security and reduced costs while maintaining HIPAA compliance for this healthcare software company.

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • "We worked with Kindly Ops to perform a risk assessment and help us level up operations by implementing the recommendations. The report was accurate and immediately actionable. It's hard to believe how much we got done in 6 months. Our investors, company, and customers are all benefiting from our increased ability to rapidly scale and innovate while safeguarding the healthcare data we are entrusted with."

    Jonathan Broad
    CTO, Healthfinch
  • "We worked with Kindly Ops to review product architecture and help us comply with regulatory requirements. They were instrumental in helping us qualify to win grants and customer contracts. Working with Kindly Ops reduced both risk and stress. Highly recommended."

    Abigail Ames
    Cofounder and Director of Technology, Rockstep Solutions
  • "It was a pleasure working with Kindly Ops. They helped us build and operate our mission critical security service, which relies on DNS and complex networking. Elliot and his team's AWS and networking expertise helped us improve uptime and performance while continuing to grow. They are professional and truly value being part of your team."

    Stephen DiCato
    Cofounder & VP Engineering, Percipient Networks.

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