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Kindly Ops Talk Show

Hi! You are invited to participate in the Kindly Ops Talk Show, Noon Pacific Time

Mondays are DevOps, Fridays are PeopleOps

Want to be a part of the show? Awesome! Doors open 1 hour early at 11am Pacific. If you ask in the #show-prep channel in Discord before we start the sound check at 11:45, you can join as a panelist if there are open slots. All experience levels welcome: the only thing you need is good audio, good video, good internet, and good energy!

We hope you join us, the show is a community event and the more people that join the conversation the better it will be! The show is livestreamed to, where you can ask questions live during the show. The YouTube replay also has closed captions available.

If you are there at the start of the show you can get an invitation link for our Discord community where the conversation continues all week.

Watch the replay on demand!


Inventing the future of work

At Kindly Ops we care about removing toil from work, and bending technology to help people

People Ops

We are building and empowering the best distributed teams in the world. and

Dev Ops

The technology that runs your distributed team probably lives in the CLOUD. We dive deep on running efficiently, securely, and safely!

Robinson R22 helicopter, Sanford Maine

Be seen while working remote

Media Ops is about the scary new world of home studios. We share tips and tricks to look your best on any budget.


Sound is more important than video. Be understood!


From lighting to cameras, how to look your best on any budget!