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AWS & Regulated Industries

As an AWS Advanced Partner, our engineers have deep experience provisioning AWS services in a rigorous life sciences environment. Whether providing strategic consulting or DevOps implementation, we focus on knowledge sharing. We use a DevSecOps model to deliver applications quicker and innovate faster while meeting the strictest quality and compliance requirements.

Amazon Consulting Partner

Let your team work, we'll handle the infrastructure

Kindly Ops' Security Practice is squarely focused on providing cloud infrastructure that meets GxP compliance and regulatory standards, enabling your scientists to get things done.

Built for you

We can assess your existing architecture and design a solution to meet any flavor of GxP security requirements.

Incredible Value

Working with various companies our engineers are familiar with the emerging trends and more importantly all the sharp edges of running regulated research pipelines in AWS

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Gritstone Oncology & Kindly Ops - Case Study

Gritstone Oncology is advancing the field of immuno-oncology to fight cancer in patients with the most difficult-to-treat tumors.

Gritstone’s use of AWS is enabling the company to safely and securely scale its life-sciences computing workloads, for both research and clinical operations.

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PDA & Kindly Ops - Case Study

HIPAA requires risk analysis & the AWS Shared Responsibility model requires customers to own configuration.

Kindly Ops uses the AWS Security Audit protocol to improve security and reduce costs while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Extend your lab to the cloud

We can help you easily scale your experiments and test new software pipelines using AWS Direct Connect to connect your laboratory instruments to genomics pipelines running in the cloud.

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