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FAIR for Quantitative Risk

Example of how to calculate Risk with the FAIR model in R.

AWS Security Competency

Kindly Ops announced today that it has achieved AWS Security Competency status.

Biotech and AWS

Important work like this should be done the right way.

Genomics in the Cloud

Benefits of cloud migration in the field of Genomics.

Healthcare Providers

Why moving to the cloud is a wise choice.

Intro to Managing Risk

How to take important steps to assess and manage your risks.

Logging for Bioinformatics

Benefits of centralized logging in the field of Genomics.

Case Studies

Gritstone Oncology

A Personalized Approach to Cancer Treatment


Improving security and reducing costs while maintaining HIPAA compliance

Society of Grownups

Building a financial literacy platform on AWS


Improving security during rapid growth

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